About the Tutor

Dr. Josh Grossman has been a successful professor and practitioner of medicine for over thirty years. 
His undergraduate work was completed at Johns Hopkins.
  • His medical degree is from Washington University in St. Louis, one of the finest medical schools in the world. 
  • He is board certified in internal medicine. 
He now teaches motivated USMLE students on a one-on-one basis.  Since he likes the work he charges much less than most large-scale organizations who offer USMLE preparation. 
He has an enormous success rate.  Students come to him after failing the test several times and then they pass. 
Don't call unless you are ready to really work and listen and study--and succeed in passing the exam.  But if you are prepared to do your part, you can pass  the USMLE 3 and can move on with your life.  Dr. Josh will work with you on the phone and he also can work with you in person.  Spending a few days at his home is an excellent way to focus completely on exam preparation, and is an outstanding way to learn.  He lives in East Tennessee, a beautiful area with convenient access to a major airport. 
Contact him at drjosh@usmle.pro