Dr. Josh's rates are very reasonable, and the first telephone session is FREE.
In the first telephone session, an assessment will be made of where you are and what you need to do, and what you will need from Dr. Josh.  A plan will be developed to get you through the exam, and the total number of sessions you'll need can be established.  This will take no more than 30 minutes.
Following the first telephone sessions, subsequent sessions are only $50 per hour if you purchase them one at a time.  You can schedule as many telephone sessions as you wish.
You can save by prepaying for ten hours of telephone sessions for $400.  This represents a 20% savings, a total of $100 for each ten lessons, making the price for this one-on-one tutoring very reasonable.
Usually no more than 10-20 lessons are needed.  If more focused training is needed, Dr. Josh can work with you on a package that includes an intensive home training session with round the clock work with Dr. Josh.